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Devised for children and those new to fine chocolate, this tasting kit examines where chocolate comes from, ingredients derived from the cacao pod, and the core tastes and sensations found in fine chocolate.  Have you ever wondered how chocolate is made? Read on!


Containing 4 full Solkiki bars, we compare fruity, nutty, milky and vanilla chocolate tastes, tangy, sweet, smooth and melty sensations and more!  What will you detect in your blind tasting?  Who will notice the difference between creamy and nutty with their eyes closed?  


Also comes with samples of cacao beans, cacao nibs and cacao butter.  To learn more about this amazing tree we include a copy of Nicole Hewat's gorgeous poetry book that follows a cacoa-butter-painted journey (no joke - all paintings in the book are made with cacao!) to learn about the life of craft chocolate.


Also included are the usual Choficionado elements of the taste cards and the double A4 walkthrough to help guide you through the experience and get the most out of the tasting pack.



Raspberry White Chocolate bar

Bali White Vanilla White Chocolate bar

Milkless Milk 49% Milk Chocolate bar

Hazelnut Gianduia 49% Chocolate bar


Cacao beans sample

Cacao nibs sample

Cacao butter sample


Gorgeous book of cacao paintings and poetry from Nicole Hewat describing the origins and journey of cacao from tree to craft chocolate bar.


Taste cards x2 to focus and record thoughts

Choficionado 4 Walkthrough to guide the tasting event and add context, colour and info.



Allergen information: Contains Hazelnuts and Soy.  Contains no dairy, wheat, gluten ( dairy-free, gluten-free). Made in a facility that uses nuts and soy. Vegan friendly.

Each bar is 56gr/ 2oz.

Choficionado 4: Child's Tasting & Book (TasteLikeAPro)