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Focussing on texture and form, we capture the nature of Malagos cacao, from The Philippines.


5 in the picture to provide an idea of the features of this type of cacao.   

Sold in singles.   The largest of all!


Each piece is unique, created using traditional burn-out casting techniques to transform these legendary cacao beans - the World's 16th HCP Heirloom cacao -  into bronze to become immortalised forever. 


We wanted to give Hierloom Malagos a new life away from it's original environment, allowing you to appreciate and preserve this beautiful cacao.


Made in partnership with just-over-the-Dorset-border metalworker Rosie Wesley, these works are certified as high quality, locally produced crafts by The New Forest Marque. Rosie  donates a percentage of all profits from her business to Love The Forest, a registered charity run by New Forest Trust* which helps to fund conservation and education projects in the New Forest.


Distinctive as earrings, a keyring, necklace, bagtag, charm or treasured keepsake.  Each bean ships with keyring and if you would like, a free necklace cord (faux leather) in your choice of colour - just let us know Brown or Black during checkout in the message box, or via email shortly after your order.

Solid Bronze Malagos cacao bean

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