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Chocolate is changing!

Being contacted by the Solkiki team from the future year of 2073, we were trusted with the information that chocolate will be different in the future. The use of dairy will be phased out as an ingredient for chocolate and direct alternatives to dairy aren't as popular anymore. We trialled  using oat as a direct replacement in 2008, never loved the results, no longer sell it today as a main ingredient and we won't sell it in the future either. 


Future folk use sustainable foods that do not need as many valuable resources, like water, to grow. Great flavour is still very much preferred. No need to compromise on flavour. They beamed us back these recipes, which are now available to you in the present!

The movement towards eating low impact, sustainable foods is growing.  Some call it Climatarian or Plant-Based.

White chocolate refers to the inclusion of dairy or a non-dairy equivalent.   These bars from 2073 and 2076 are not white or milk chocolate!  The lack of dairy or equivalent means these are not legally dark, milk or white chocolate.   These are 'future bars'.  This is not a preposterous claim of  a 4th type of proprietary chocolate like the ridiculous Ruby chocolate or the over optimistic Blonde chocolate attempts driven by behemoth marketing departments and oily PR events.    

FUTURE BARS are the 4th type of chocolate.   The designation is free for everyone to adopt, not protected by trademarking.  These bars feature cocoa butter but no dairy or equivalent.  Think of them as a new playground for chocolatemakers to explore.  Told you it was changing :)  Future chocolate is here to stay!

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