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17 Awards for this cacao and the chocolate we make with it... And thats just the pure dark milks without inclusions!


From the Independent Newspaper:

"This collection has four bars of "dark milk" chocolate to enjoy, which range from 60 to 65%. 

Indulgently rich and creamy... this chocolate is outstandingly full-flavoured. Using just the cacao for flavour, each origin tastes genuinely unique without any added flavours."

- - -

Dark milk chocolate lies in between dark and milk; we offer a pleasingly flavoursome high percentage chocolate, using minimal added cacao butter and coconut milk. You won't be able to taste the coconut however, these bars celebrate the flavour of fine, single source, named&traceable cacao.


The caramel liquorice of the 60, the tropical fruity notes of 62, tree fruit depths of the 63, the toffee biscuit of the 64 and the malty rich mellowness of the 65... the notes come exclusively from the cacao, we don't add these flavours.  


The dark milk bundle showcases the flavours of fine cacao, but with more creamy sweetness than our dark bars.  It's suitable for tasters of all levels; soft enough for mainstream lovers of gentle chocolate, rich and nuanced enough for fans of dark.   


A combination of 4 of our dark milks: single estates and inclusions.  Enjoy!


Dark Milk Collection 60, 62, 63, 64, 65%

38,50£ Precio
31,71£Precio de oferta
  • Organic Nacional Venezolano Amarillo cacao.

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