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The 16th Heirloom cacao identified under the HCP Heirloom Cacao Preservation iniative.

Also appeared in the  2017 Cocoa Excellence Programme BEST 50 BEANS in the world.


This origin has been a long-time coming, with conversations pre-covid in 2019, just a few months before the HCP status for this cacao was announced.  We're finally very pleased to unveil the first look at this new origin!


With no added fat, this chocolate is very high in fibre and flavour.   Supreme chocolatey base note with a profile including nut, honey, cream, figs and fleeting myriad notes of cucumber, watermelon, sesame, honeysuckle, fine kumquat and more.


Expect a slow melt and a balanced comforting chocolatey base with loads going on.  

No bitterness, no astringency, no quinine.


Rex and the family Puentespina supply true-to-type genetic material, including heirloom-designated clones. On their farms grow Trinitario clones — a cross between the Criollo and Forastero varieties, specifically and predominantly the BR 25, PBC 123, and the coveted UF 18 variety. These beans are widely considered fine-flavor beans. Their planting materials are certified by the Philippines’s Bureau of Plant Industry - National Seed Industry Council. For decades this farm this farm takes pride in the consistent implementation of good agricultural processes for a better society.



Malagos 70% Dark - Heirloom Cacao #16 - The Philippines

  • Organic Nacional Venezolano Amarillo cacao.

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