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Peruvian cacao powder from the ancestral home of the Inca. 

Unprocessed, natural, organic and non-alkalised.

We've been assessing cacao powder for years, some has tasted well but comes with opaque background.  Some offered full traceability but didn't meet the flavour goals we had in mind. Most wasn't truly traceable, highly processed and utter revolting.  


This powder comes from a tiny team in the South of Peru working with incredible cacao.  The colour is surprising - it's light and hasn't been alkalised nor burnt, but even better, the high % of white cacao brings this fantastic terracotta hue. We will unveil more when we release our first bar, until then, enjoy! 


Add a spoon or 2 to a mug, add sugar to taste and a hot liquid of your choice.   There are lots of interesting additions you can make, but playing with the cocoa powder/sugar/liquid can keep you busy for a while :)


Also works very well in our Korean Milk Cake recipe which we'll talk more about when we get time.


The flavour profile and boost it offers means we are delighted to offer it to you.  The transparency means we hope to support this team into the far future.


Packed in a resealable Solkiki stand-up pouch


100% Natural Peruvian Cocoa Powder 125g

  • Let us know if you do or don't enjoy our chocolate.  We will do whatever we can to learn, improve and keep you smiling.

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