Feel the tang of the raspberry in this wonderful sweet and melty white (!) chocolate with a deep pink colour! The raspberries give the chocolate its colour, no colourings used. Made with a high percentage, directly traded, cold-pressed, cacao butter with its own light citrussy note, complementing the natural zingy flavours of the raspberry.


Allergen information: Contains soy. Contains no nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, (nut-free, dairy-free). Made in a facility that uses nuts. Vegan friendly. May contain traces of gluten.


Lovely review from Amberley Charlotte here.  
Each bar is 56gr/ 2oz.


38% Raspberry White Chocolate

  • Let us know if you do or don't enjoy our chocolate.  We will do whatever we can to learn, improve and keep you smiling.

  • Organic cane sugar, organic cold-pressed cacao butter, gmo-free soy milk, organic raspberry