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Crunchy Spekulaas spiced biscuit in traditional hemispherical shape, drowned and drenched in our 53% Ecuadorian Milk chocolate - itself a World Silver medallist 2021-22.  


They arrive in a resealable 125g pouch and are a festive delight, freshly made at Workshop Anandamide, Solkiki HQ.   Finished with gold powder wash and a vegan shine.


Like everything Solkiki, it's animal-free, all plant-based and the 53 contains Cashew.


Spekulaas is a traditional Dutch treat. Iris has  this very large, old, wooden cookie-cast since forever, it was passed on from her mother and her grandmother. Also passed on was the recipe for the Dutch Spekulaas mix that we still use every year to create festive treats. We hope you'll enjoy this product as much as Iris' family has enjoyed baking Spekulaas and using this passed on recipe mix for Spekulaas spices for generations! 




Also contains Gluten.


Tumbled Dragee - Spekulaas 53 - Milk

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